Summer 2014 update (post-Floydfest)

A few new developments in the Stargate Eggbeater project this year. For one, we just made a Facebook page. We’ve also been trying to get more contributors to send us art to display. One of the most difficult things about this is that it’s hard to visualize the mapping from a two-dimensional bitmap image to the four-dimensional installation. And, since we typically only break it out a few times per year, would-be artists have to design “in the dark” with no immediate feedback. Most of the time nobody even knows when or where the Stargate Eggbeater will next make an appearance.

To attempt to rectify that problem, we decided to have an art party a week or so back. Floydfest was rapidly approaching, and we wanted this to be our motivation to finally give some people in our community a chance to design some images in real time and see how their images looked almost immediately. We sent out invitations and guidelines, fired up the Eggbeater, invited friends over, and encouraged them to bring their laptops. It worked pretty well and we are happy to announce that the Stargate Eggbeater now features new art from Christina, Dan, F.M., Kevin Foster, Perx, and Tim Naylor! Thanks to all the contributing artists.

Floydfest 2014 was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out our project. Contact us if you want to contribute your time or talents to the continuing development of the Stargate Eggbeater.

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