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We want your images for the Stargate Eggbeater. If you want to see your own art on the Stargate Eggbeater at the next event just upload them here. Read the info on how to map the image correctly below.

Mapping images to a spinning sphere is a little weird. This diagram shows how it works.hoop_guide




The top half of the image is displayed upside down. To correct for that effect you can invert the top 71 pixels 180 degrees. A good example of how this works in practice is the Mario image.






This image displays an upright Mario from all vantage points of the Stargate Eggbeater.

Inverting the top half of the image isn’t necessary with random or abstract images as the effect is generally unnoticeable.

For more info on mapping and many examples visit the FF images Gallery.

Upload your image here. Uploaded images will be displayed in this gallery and at the next event.

Images must be 142 pixels tall to work. The width creates different effects depending on repetition, etc.

Give us your email and name if you want (email will not be public)

Past Submissions

One thought on “Send Us Your Images

  1. Mark Edwards

    I saw this at Pink Moon and was awestruck. This would be a great feature for Alderwood. I am a professional digital graphic artist, sign maker, and sculptor that basically got lucky and ended up with a festival venue.
    I would love to talk with you more about this thing.

    Thank you for building the Stargate!


    Mark Edwards


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